US Immigration Pre-clearance at Dublin Airport

Dublin International Airport is one of only a few airports in the world (outside of North America) to offer US Customs and Border clearance to passengers before they actually arrive in the US. This means that passengers can clear passport control and customs before they even board their flight in Dublin. Then, upon touching down in the US, they will be treated as domestic passengers.

This is a great convenience for US-bound passengers, and it saves a significant amount of time. The airport even serves other flights from across the EU that are ultimately bound for the US. Planes can stop to refuel at Dublin Airport, and passengers disembark and complete their own customs and emigration details. The proceedings take place in a dedicated facility that includes shops and restaurants.

Thanks to these offerings, airlines can offer more flexible routes between Ireland and the US. There is no longer any need to exclusively serve airports that already have immigration facilities. Furthermore, passengers can check their luggage through to their final destination in the US without having to collect and re-check upon entering the US.

Taking Advantage of the Service

Passengers who would like to take advantage of this service must apply for travel authorisation before they actually set out. The electronic system for travel authorisation (ESTA) can be accessed online and allows travellers to gain approval for a two-year period. Approval covers multiple entries but does guarantee admission. Instead, it’s a preliminary step that qualifies a person to submit to pre-clearance protocol at the airport.