Airlines Flying into Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport handles more than 19 million passengers each year, making this the busiest airport in Ireland. It’s growing fast, too, thanks to major expansion projects and the unveiling of the world-class Terminal 2 in 2010. Today, passengers can connect from Dublin to a variety of destinations across the EU, North America, the Middle East and beyond.

Airlines in Terminal 1
Terminal 1 is dominated by short-haul flights, with the exception of those operated by Aer Lingus. The busiest airline in this terminal is Europe’s leading discount flyer, Ryanair, with service to service with dozens of destinations across the continent. This is backed by a diverse network of airlines filling in with short-haul service. In Terminal 1, the major exception to the short-haul rule is Air Canada, which flies to Toronto on a seasonal basis.

Service to London is particularly well-covered. On the average day, around 50 flights depart for the UK capital. In fact, this is one of just a handful of airports in the world that offers direct service to all six London airports.

Airlines in Terminal 2
Terminal 2 is a state-of-the-art facility, complete with 58 check-in desks, 26 boarding gates and 19 air bridges. When the terminal opened, Aer Lingus was the first to move in. This is Ireland’s national carrier, and its headquarters are here in Terminal 2. The airline operates short- and long-haul routes around the world, with a particular focus on Europe and North America.

Aer Lingus is backed by several other long-haul carriers. These include Continental Airlines, US Airways and Delta (with service to North America) along with Etihad (with service to the UAE).