Airports in Ireland

This page provides background on all of the airports in Ireland in one place, namely Dublin Airport, Cork Airport, Shannon Airport, Kerry Airport and Knock Airport.

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is by far the biggest airport in Ireland. In 2012 it serviced 169 different locations and 55 airlines. The airport has two terminals, terminal 1 and terminal 2.

Cork Airport

Second in size to Dublin Airport, Cork Airport serviced more than 2.3 million passengers in 2012, down from a height of 3.3 million passengers in 2008. For more information about Cork Airport click here.

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport has recently been made independent after being managed up until now by the Dublin Airport Authority. In 20012, Shannon Airport catered for 1.4 million passengers, however this figure is due to rise in 2013. For more information about Shannon Airport click here.

Shannon Airport

Knock Airport is a wholly independent airport located in the west of Ireland. It has enjoyed several years of steady growth in contrast to the state controlled airports. For more information about Knock Airport click here.