Travelling by Car

Travelling by car is probably the most convenient way to reach Dublin Airport – especially if you’re in a hire car and can take advantage of convenient drop-off procedures. Even if you’re not renting, convenient road access, clear signposts and ample short-term and long-term parking make for a seamless transition to and from the airport.

Dropping off and Collecting Passengers

Drop-off zones have been designated outside of both terminals. Follow the signs for ‘T1 Departures’ and ‘T2 Departures’, which lead directly to these clearly marked set-down areas. Bear in mind, these areas are only intended for unloading passengers and are not for parking. Unattended vehicles will be towed immediately.

For drivers planning to pick up passengers, the short-term, multi-storey car parks near the terminal entrances are most convenient. All of the short-term car parks are roughly two to four minutes’ walk from the terminal entrance.

For security reasons, vehicles should not be left unattended at any time. Any vehicle left unattended outside a terminal will be either clamped or towed by the airport police. There is a charge of €140 for recovery of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not collected on the day it is removed there is a further €35 charge for each day’s storage.

Arriving at the Airport

Dublin Airport is located north of the city centre in Santry. It is easily reached via the M1 from the city centre. Likewise, the M50 (Dublin’s ring road) intersects with the M1 on the way to the airport.