Arriving at Dublin Airport

Whether approaching landside or by air, arriving at Dublin Airport is a smooth and efficient process. Since the debut of its second terminal, the airport delivers state-of-the-art facilities, and the benefit goes directly to the passengers.

The airport is located 10 km north of Dublin city centre, and the basic approach is the same for both terminals. If you are driving in from Dublin, make use of the M1 (which connects Dublin to Belfast). If you’re driving in from west of the city, you may end up connecting via the M50 first.

Passengers who arrive by car can leave their vehicle in one of 2,850 short-term spaces or 19,300 long-term spaces. As you approach the terminals, signposts clearly indicate where to park your car.

With the opening of the state-of-the-art Terminal 2 in 2010, it is now essential that departing passengers verify which terminal their flight departs from. Terminal 2 is the home of Aer Lingus as well as several other long-haul flyers serving destinations across the EU, North America and beyond. Terminal 1 hosts short-haul flyers (except those operated by Aer Lingus). Air Canada also operates through Terminal 1.

With that in mind, those flying into Dublin from abroad are most likely to alight at Terminal 2. At this point, there are two major channels of entry. Those flying in from other destinations in the EU queue in the blue channel. All others need to proceed first to passport control and customs. In this case, the Green Channel is set aside for those who need to be stamped in but don’t have any customs declarations.